Evaluation / Consultation

Your existing landscape may not be performing to its full potential, or it may not be providing you with the beauty or outdoor experience you seek.  We evaluate the health and vigor of your existing plants and the conditions in your growing environment—soil composition, moisture and drainage characteristics, light conditions, and air circulation.  We then make recommendations for corrective measures, restoration, or redesign of your garden environment.


S  E  R  V  I  C  E  S

We design and plan new or remodeled gardens and landscapes.  Based on your wishes, needs and objectives, we create gardens and landscaped environments using plants appropriate to your site. We draw from a palette of trees, shrubs, perennial and annual plants that provide color, texture, hardiness and functional utility.



We take great care to install landscapes that will perform well for years to come.  Planting is preceded with any necessary soil amendment and site preparation. We source quality plants and landscape materials, ensuring that only the best stock and materials will be used on your project.



We offer ongoing care of your gardens and landscapes.  Services include pruning, fertilizing, mulching, scouting for pests and diseases, seasonal service and general garden care.


We maintain referral relationships with service providers in the areas of tree services, irrigation, hardscape, deck and structure construction.